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Italy is a country full of beauty, typicality and atmosphere. There is a certain pride in travelling around our country, because every place has uniqueness and characteristics that surprise even the most experienced traveller.

There are many characters from the present and the past who have loved and told about Italy. And this is where Loquis' dream was born - to create a platform containing all the stories, curiosities, traditions and anecdotes linked to the way we live and behave. The idea, however, was that not only a man of letters or an expert would narrate, but that there would also be the sounds and colours of the inhabitants, tourists passing through, the affectionate and all those who wish to share their beloved places with others.



The World Speaks to You!
Let the world speak!
Loquis is the first Geo-Podcasting platform.

While you listen to your music, walk, drive, or ride public transportation, Loquis tells you stories and information about places around you or that you visit frequently. Hundreds of channels and tens of thousands of podcasts await you on Loquis.

Start telling your world too, create a channel on Loquis.

Available for iOS and Android.

WE LOVE LOQUIS! That's why we are presenting you our partnership. We have multiples channels on Loquis that speak about first of all Evo Oils, Producers and Territories, and a lot more about Restaurants, Cooking and good food.

 Here a little taste, our Traldi Farm in Lazio, a great Producers of an ancient variety:

Are you travelling to Italy soon? You must have LOQUIS on your smartphone. Check it out in English version:



 Discover more at WOOP EVO ITINERA!


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