Chocolate with extra virgin olive oil is also good for diabetics

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This news for those like me who are passionate about chocolate makes me jump for joy.

A study by La Sapienza University of Rome Department of Medicine has scientifically demonstrated that chocolate containing extra virgin olive oil, thanks to oleouropein, is good for type 2 diabetics.

Oleouropein is a substance extracted from extra virgin olive oil and is one of the most important polyphenols, that is one of those substances that make extra virgin olive oil something much more than a condiment.

Why does oleouropein act on diabetes?

Professor Violi explains that the presence of oleouropein in extra virgin olive oil chocolate breaks down the glycemic peak that occurs two hours after eating chocolate. If you eat 40 grams of normal chocolate the glycaemia rises to 140 mg/dl, if you eat chocolate with oleouropein the glycaemia reaches only 125 mg/dl.

For those like me who have a sweet tooth for chocolate, 40 mg corresponds more or less to two squares of a bar.

It is important to add that the oleouropein in extra virgin olive oil is also essential to preserve diabetics from strokes, heart attacks and to slow down atherosclerosis.

So if we were already convinced that extra virgin olive oil was good for our health, now we can say that it is even more so for chocolate lovers.

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