Extra virgin olive oil the best thing for sportsmen's muscles

Like Founder of WOOP Evo I feel to share with all of you my personal experience.

I am an athlete by birthright. My dad was an AS Roma football player and we all have a cult of sport in our family, I have played many sports and run some 42 km marathons, my son loves to surf even in winter and my daughter was a national promise of Italian horse riding. For us the saying that we are what we eat has always been true. 

Some time ago I started to feel some annoying pains in my joints, hands, knees, ankles. The unpleasant diagnosis was: fibromyalgia. 

I read everything about it so that I could face it all in order to feel better. Then I realised that I was lucky because I had something super precious in my hands, namely the best extra virgin oils, those rich in polyphenols at the highest levels, oils rich in anti-inflammatories such as oleocanthal and antioxidants such as oleacein.

In other words, all those active ingredients that act on the metabolism but above all act on tendon and muscle inflammation.

I have put myself on the trail of the best diets recommended to professional athletes such as bodybuilders, and here is our fantastic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the top of all the recommendations to nourish the muscle and act quickly on its own inflammation when it is under stress.

That's why every morning I take my daily dose of extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoon raw. Then I use it regularly in every dish. And I go for a run. And I can say that my fibromyalgia has greatly improved, I run, I jump, and I feel very fit.

So I am happy to have experienced how effective it is to know and choose what we eat, because eating properly is the basis of a peaceful life.

And eating well is also tasty and simple. 

Everyday we offer you different recipes with extra virgin olive oil to have fun at the table together, and if you want to send us yours.



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