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We thought about it for a few seconds looking into each other's eyes, while we were struggling with our planning and we were ready to overlook the very discounted black Friday week because it has nothing to do with our philosophy and vision.

Then we said to ourselves that black Friday gives us the chance to explain our supply chain and therefore our work.

Ours is a small company with a great dream, that of bringing to as many people as possible the excellence produced with extreme dedication and care in the best extra virgin olive oil farms in Italy.

Our producers, exclusively with us in the UK, selected one by one personally by going to their farms, visiting their mills, tasting their evo oils with our expert tasters and technicians, are farmers.

They are not food factories or extra virgin olive oil factories.

They are not international food brands.

They are people who always, at any time of the year, in any weather condition, and even during these difficult months that have hit the whole world, have taken care of their fields, their harvests, and therefore also of every moment of the final production to offer everyone extra virgin oils that are not only excellent on the palate, but extraordinarily rich in nutritional values. Like polyphenols and vitamins.

Black Friday does not exist in a field of olive trees, there is no discount that we can expect from nature or from those who take care of it.

Our prices include fair value for a lot of work. And we guarantee that we do not negotiate with our producers. We want them to happily have all the resources they need to reinvest in innovation and labour. In turn, by paying their workers and making choices that respect nature, quality and not quantity.

If we discounted the quality of extra virgin olive oil, it would be like asking for a discount on our health.

Would you be willing to think that the wellbeing of your body is worth so little to make it a discount?

We do not.

So we decided not to discount the quality, nature and work of those who take care of it, but instead of helping those who still have no money to feed their families with our work and your support.

For every purchase on our e-commerce website or at our food markets, we give £1 to TheTrussellTrust, to fight hunger.

We are sure that the great gift for everyone is the satisfaction of being able to help reward and safeguard Nature, small agricultural production that respects the rhythm and help those in need.

This is why our Black Friday is Green.

Thank you for reading us so far.

If you agree with us, you can share this letter of ours.

Our online shop is open 24/24, 7/7. We are waiting for you!

Selena and Alessandro,
Founder WOOP EVO

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