Connecting Food
and People

A sudden and even unexpected alchemy that took us by surprise and made us fall madly in love. Falling in love with an infinite and ancient heritage of centuries-old trees, varieties of olives. Territories so rich in history and beauty, that a thousand photos or a thousand beautiful words are not enough to describe them.

You need to close your eyes instead, use your sense of smell first and then give oxygen to your taste buds and let yourself be carried away by the intensity of the aromas. Then with a bit of wisdom and our personal intuition, listening to even the most beautiful stories, the choice will come of itself.


There are things that are difficult to describe, like magical gatherings that change your life.
This is for us,WOOP Evo. 


The People Behind WOOP EVO

From the experience and passion of Alessandro and Selena, Italian entrepreneurs who have always been committed to promoting Made in Italy abroad, WOOP Evo was born. The world of Premium Italian extra virgin olive oil is a priceless heritage for variety, quality and taste. The extra virgin olive oil is essential for the health and for the taste of our dishes. There is hundreds of different varieties of olive trees in Italy and hundreds of possible combinations. Oil is good for everyone! It must become a daily habit, healthy but also fun to share with friends and family. WOOP Evo is the best selection of high quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by a team of expert and technicians that every season identifies and chooses the best by Region. Discover who we are.

Selena and Alessandro travelled around Italy, met dozens and dozens of producers, and thanks also to the precious help of Pietro Barachini, they decided that they would share with the whole world the richness of one of the most precious natural and healthy heritage of the world, that of the extra virgin olive oil of excellence.

Together they are sure that food connects humanity and that WOOP Evo is a unique and fun way to cross it in the best way. “At WOOP EVO we have a clear vision to make it happen”. Leveraging on existing technologies, integrating them in lean and independent systems to bring closer to humanity the "Real healthy food, fresh and traced", building a more local, biodiverse, connected and sustainable food system, based on the real needs of the community instead of the distribution.


Product features


They are certified organic, PDO, PGI 

Our oils are world awarded for their quality and prestige. They are also certified organic.


From small independent producers

Each of our products owns a mill and creates a genuine product in Italy.


They are native, rare and unique

Each of our EVO Oils is selected with extreme care, we ensure our customers the best quality.



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