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@ CANOPY MARKET, Kings Cross - London

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EVO Oil is COOL!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been considered a precious element for the well-being of individuals since ancient times. A natural product with great value, it is the basic ingredient for a rich and varied lifestyle and diet. We ensure the traceability and quality standard of our Selection, thanks to technologies and high standards, to bring on your table only the Best.

What is WOOP Evo

There are over 500 varieties of olives and 150 active monocultivars in Italy, from which the healthy gold is extracted. Each of which has different flavours and unique intensities. WOOP Evo has selected the best from each region in Italy to offer you an oil selection suitable for your needs, taste and way of cooking. Sharing all the information about the Producer, the Region and the Process of our products.

Artisanal, Sustainable & Healthy

Our mission: Bringing Real, Nutritional and Healthy food closer to people. "We are what we eat!" & "Food is the primary energy source on our planet!", these two simple principles drive our everyday job. Close to passionate people that grow and ensure our future feeding the World, caring at our planet, people and the art of good food.