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We have no excuses! We can really decide whether to make food our ally of our well-being or not. Because every journey starts from a small step but above all the sense of the journey is the sense of the path. Every moment of our life is made of choices and every choice we make contributes to our daily well-being. A balanced set of choices makes our life balanced. We have chosen to elect extra virgin olive oil as the king of our well-being on the table because it is absolutely the best and most balanced vegetable fat and rich...

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Everyone is wondering about the future of food, supermarkets and large food distributors. And still no one has a precise and convincing idea, will we ever have one? I'll tell you mine. Food will always be food, and we will always eat with cutlery or chopsticks or hands, depending on what continent you live on. In America, Africa and the Middle East they eat with their hands, in Asia with chopsticks and in Europe with cutlery. But where and how will we buy the food we eat? And above all, where will it be produced and how? There are strong...

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In 50 years we have seen internal migration flows, which have brought millions of people from the countryside to the cities or close to the largest ones. Why?   It was said that there was" job" in the city, that you had to be there to be able to enter the factories, offices, public institutions, the countryside and counties no longer had anything interesting, either socially or economically speaking.   And now? What has happened? And what is happening? (I wrote this article before Covid-19)   The flows have been reactivated, but on the contrary, from the crowded cities back to...

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