Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Blockchain, why? WOOP Evo and Apio have the answer.

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WOOP Evo has developed innovative, strategic and marketing solutions for the high quality supply chain of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in order to tell the quality behind the products it distributes in the UK and worldwide. We have developed digital formats (interactive landing pages accessible through dedicated QrCodes) and highly engaging multimedia content (such as podcasts and video tours), which are able to engage the client user in the world of the Evo, taking her around Italy, giving her unique and original storytelling experiences online. We also provide all the information related to the certifications and laboratory analysis of our evo oils, to guarantee the highest quality and transparency.



Our Mission is "Connecting Foodpeople"! Only thanks to the integration of complex technologies and models, we are able to provide the two sides of the supply chain, from the field to the table, a bridge between the two worlds, from the producer to the consumer, thanks to WOOP Evo all users can be connected and discover fundamental details to increase trust and interaction between them.

One of the latest technologies in which we strongly believe in and that we are integrating in the WOOP Evo world is the Blockchain, a useful tool for the traceability of the supply chain, therefore of all those steps, processes, operators, contracts, data and information needed to create the product.

They say: "the supply chain is long!" We at WOOP Evo are shortening and simplifying it, being able to guarantee our customers the freshness of the products and the certification of the information, in order to guarantee a very high level of service and quality.



WOOP Evo has chosen Apio as its partner, and their "Trusty" Traceability and Control solution, based on blockchain. This technology introduces significant advantages in the management of supply chain data and origin information, both of the finished product and of the products used during processing. Trusty is useful for all subjects, from the field to the plate to guarantee the traceability information of food products, notarizing the information in blockchain and making it available. A simple tool that allows companies to certify productions and exported products. 

WOOP Evo uses the certified information to assure its final customers (b2c and b2b) the origin and provenance of the products, being able to offer in a transparent, innovative and easy way data that today are not visible to the final consumer, fundamental data to judge the quality of a product at the origin and to ascertain the geographical origin and the respect of quality processes.

Pietro Barachini, our Quality and Traceability Manager at WOOP Evo, with his new startup ABC Lab, a great team of Experts in the Evo Oil sector, with also experienced Innovation and Project managers, are our certified partner for Tuscany and central Italy in the implementation of WOOP Evo export solution, they will support and follow the producers in the technological implementation, information and data management, and production of media video and audio contents to tell the stories behind unique products.

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