From town to field with the computer

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In 50 years we have seen internal migration flows, which have brought millions of people from the countryside to the cities or close to the largest ones. Why?


It was said that there was" job" in the city, that you had to be there to be able to enter the factories, offices, public institutions, the countryside and counties no longer had anything interesting, either socially or economically speaking.


And now? What has happened? And what is happening? (I wrote this article before Covid-19)


The flows have been reactivated, but on the contrary, from the crowded cities back to the fields, with the computer and smartphone to work from anywhere. Not even the connection is a limit, now every smartphone can be a wi-fi router, so-easy, or there International Worldwide WI-Fi, really at affordable prices.


How is that possible?

They invented the computer to make us work in offices, but they invented the smartphone, tablet and laptop to free us from this link chain. So you can do the same things you do in an office even in the middle of a field, even in the middle of the sea, in a forest or on top of a mountain.


And so many people, more and more are noticing it. Moreover, when grandparents and parents have abandoned the countryside, the luckiest but also the smartest and thrifty ones have kept their agricultural and often even holiday properties.


Today many young people in Italy (but not only) find themselves with metropolitan skills and visions, but also with an incredible agricultural and tourist heritage and capital. Here the most enterprising and capable have seen the real opportunity for Italy, to do business in the agricultural, experiential tourism and social world. Thanks to the Internet, social networks and global e-commerce, with a desk in the middle of a field you can sell all over the world.


You can, some already do, but obviously it's not easy, it's not fast and it's not for everyone. We at WOOP are dedicated to those capable and enterprising foodentrepreneurs who have believed in it, have started a project, have turned it into winning productions and products, and now look at the world and want to conquer distant markets, wanting to create a brand and a network of selected customers.


The World wants us, the World is ready for the Made in Italy of the future, made in Italy but designed for the World, customized for different countries, trends and cultures. This ability to listen, process and adapt is the great strength and difference of Italian Entrepreneurs, and the World is increasingly discovering it. Let's get ready and take advantage of this awareness and incredible moment for Made in Italy.


From town to field with the computer or I could say to Bottega. You can do a lot of activities in the agri-food world. Now imagine, if you open a refreshment and accommodation point, in the middle of a forest, or in the middle of the fields, and put a simple post a day on Instagram and Facebook, everyone can now know that you are there, that you offer a meal and a place to rest, everyone can know!!! This is Game Changing!! And at what cost? Almost zero. Success today is measured more by the creativity and value of the content and potential experience, rather than the money spent on advertising to make yourself known.

One great example is Emanuele Miglioretti, Entrepreneur and Producer, his products are the last, new and healthy we selected for our catalogue, launching the Healthy Selection, where you can find only natural and artisanal products (respecting the highest quality and control standards). We are launching a new line of Fruit Natural Juice, great for a daily supplement of Vitamins, and a line of Pasta Sauces made just with agricultural ingredients.

Another fantastic example of great Agri-Entrepreneurship is Lentamente Cooperative with their products based of Ancients Grains and He mp seeds, fantastic to facilitate digestion of carbs and bring exceptional natural supplements in our diet.

The potential is within our reach, it's only up to us to know how to make the most of it, technique, creativity and desire to experiment are necessary factors to be successful, but remember to listen and grow thanks to the feedback from your customers.

There are now a number of great Digital Nomads, professionals of digital marketing and digital sales, invite 3 of them at your company, offer them an Italian dinner and speak with them about creative way to promote your company. At WOOP we already do it everyday for our loved clients.

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by Alessandro Corti

CEO - WOOP Lab & Food All Lab Ltd

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