Covid-19! The word of Mother Nature

covid-19 free time new habits new life

Can you produce masks in your county?
Can you produce this and that?
Can you source locally even your food or the toilet paper?

Local against Global! Why and what is better or more logical?

So we were going crazy?
Yes we were! And we still are risking to go chronic.

Am I the only one thinking and feeling that Nature is telling us something?

The virus is coming from mother nature right? So something so powerful to stop the World, it brings some implications. People eat, rest and work smartly. All right! But also think more and deeply about how much it was frenetic our life before, and why? For which benefit? (I am not telling about the freedom to go out with friends or with your partner, that part we all miss it so much). I am talking about the frenetic movements to go in place where we don't really like to stay: public transportation, car/traffic, planes and offices, all places where we just now realized we could not waste "so much" time in. I am not saying we should stop everything and everybody, BUT to reduce at what it is really needed, good and healthy for the different individuals and organisations.

Incredible or not? Mother Nature!

What's more?
Or what's less? Less car around, less people moving in the cities center, less concentration, less congestion.
Instead more multi functional places to be spread around them (the cities center), close to home, having less stress to move far in working and school time. And going in town, having more free time for quality diners, new experiences, travels and night entertainments.

Why moving more for working purpose, when you have just to seat in front a computer, 60% of us does it, than to move for pleasure purpose.

Let's say you take 1h to reach work everyday, it means 2h per day, 10h per week and 40h per months. Count petrol, consumption of shoes and extra stress. You can now have the same productivity, or even better and have more
  • Free time, to do whatever you LIKE
  • Money to spend and something else, or to SAVE
  • Relax to spend with your family and friends to ENJOY
  • Healthy home food to feel BETTER
Ok that's you! What about the community? Many people that has lost jobs?

Be ready to restart. And be ready to change mentality, and if you already are doing it that is great. Think that a small % of businesses today sell online, go to check the statistics and take some conclusions, make yourself questions and figure out what it is missed out there, online!? but not only:

Expect more 
  • Local productions
  • Local services
  • Global online sales
  • G-Local model
  • G-Local App and businesses
  • Personal wellbeing oriented services
  • Direct connection and relationship with Producers and Suppliers
  • Technologies in traditional sectors, from agriculture to horeca.
  • More Local community but also replicated and connected globally
  • Local innovative solutions that can scale globally to serve communities, don't need to be interconnected
  • Global diffused/liquid Organisations and Companies
  • Healthier food, fresher and less transformed products, more local production and pre-ordered and planned delivery, especially internationally
  • Smarter and sustainable storage and distribution services, more robots but also more humans, to relationship roles and live assistants.
  • Free time and all the World of services, more education and demand of know-how, e-learning is a new frontier of exploration
  • Virtualise everything, all the possibles and valuable informations and experiences, cutting waste and pollution
  • Remote tourism, human-nature connection, experiential tourism and free-time activities, nature like mental and physical healthcare
  • New smart services
  • New models to study
  • New ways to produce, 3d printing or local farming, more tech, digital design and consulting
  • New ways to deliver food and hospitality
  • New channels and ways to supply
  • New public transportation methods and concepts
  • New ways to interact in retail and hospitality
  • New health and certification standards
  • New devices interaction, more voice video and distance recognition
  • New ways of communication
  • New ways to interact, digitally and physically
  • New way to discover nature and explore in less crowded ambients


by Alessandro Corti
CEO - WOOP Lab & Food All Lab Ltd

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