Region Lazio
Caninese, Frantoio e Moraiolo



The oil tradition of the Traldi family was born in 1960 when Angelo Traldi - from Rome - bought the 150 hectares of the estate, in La Carrozza, in Vetralla, in Tuscia Viterbese. This territory was already appreciated by the native Etruscan population and by the Roman one for its natural vocation to the cultivation of the olive tree whose oil was considered of great quality. The traditional olive culture continues today thanks to the tireless dedication of Angelo's heirs: his daughter Elisabetta Traldi and her granddaughter Francesca Boni, current President of the farm.

In the past favoured by trade between Etruscans, Greeks and Phoenicians, the area where our estate is located, Vetralla, is rich in archaeological finds that testify to the culture of olives since the sixth century. a.. C.. Today our territory has deserved the attribution of the D.O.P. Tuscia (Denomination of Protected Origin), for the high quality oil produced.

Continuing the tradition begun by her grandfather Angelo Traldi, Francesca Boni has given new impetus to the family business, has dedicated particular effort, studies, specific skills to the production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil of great value, managing to make the most of the oils of the various cultivars, the Frantoio, the Moraiolo, the Leccino, the Pendolino and the native variety of Tuscia, the Caninese. Francesca Boni and her mother Elisabetta Traldi, supported by a team of professionals in the field, follow with dedication and competence all the olive groves of the estate at every stage of their lives, in full respect of nature to obtain a product of high quality.


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