Olio Carolino

Carolino takes its name from the Aqueduct built in 1760 by the Borboni to bring water to the wonderful fountains of the Reggia di Caserta, thanks to the architectural work of the Vanvitelli father and son.

The source of the water started from Bucciano, and flowed underground for 38 km.

It is in Bucciano that the Azienda Agricola Enza Napolitano produces the Carolino blend.

The small town of Bucciano is located in the province of Benevento, at the foot of the Taburno Massif. A series of caves probably gave its name to the mountain: Taburno from Taberne. These caves proved to be very useful shelters for the inhabitants of the area, as well as safe hiding places for bandits who wanted to escape justice. The appearance of the mountains of Taburno, seen from Benevento, resembles that of a woman lying down, which is why the name "Sleeper of Sannio".

The Napolitano farm was born in Campania, in the territory of the Caudina valley, in the province of Benevento and has its roots in the vast centuries-old olive groves at the foot of Mount Taburno (alt. 1310 m above sea level).

The Enza Napolitano Farm is a new entry in the world of high quality extra virgin olive oil, even if it is a traditional farm that for 4 generations has taken care of the olive groves to obtain a superlative extra virgin "juice" for family use, in an important land for the DOP agricultural productions, at the same time rich in historical references and all to be discovered.

Campania, home of the Mediterranean diet, together with wines, cheeses, lemons, has in the olive oil an additional element of strength that integrates perfectly into the prestigious food and gastronomic tradition, which has made the Region well known throughout the world.

The olive tree in Campania represents a characteristic element of both the landscape and the economy.

In Carolino Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can find all the genuineness and goodness not only of the olive oil, but also of a family that lives of passion, innovation and trust in its activity, to which it is linked since its birth.


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