Region Molise
Gentile di Mafalda, Ascolana tenera DOP, Leccino, Aromatics



We are in the province of Campobasso, in Mafalda, in Molise. Many names have identified today’s Mafalda over the centuries; the causes of this alternation can be identified in the succession of different rulers, the culture to which they belonged and especially in the physical characteristics of the territory.

In the Angevin period (1266 1442) the city was known as Trespaldum, a name that someone claims is derived from the Osca language and later Latinized, and that described the conformation of the territory (three plains).

Trespaldum is also the name of the oil company of Francesco Mastrangelo, who has undertaken to register a new Molise cultivar, the Gentile di Mafalda, a historical variety of the municipality of Mafalda. Trespaldum is therefore the only company in the world to produce an extra virgin olive oil with the Gentile di Mafalda that “is able to excite”.


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