Terre di Zaccanello


Region Sicily
Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice, IGP Sicilia




Terre di Zaccanello is not only a place: it is an emotion, it is a way of life, it is sun, perfumes and colours. Terre di Zaccanello is a journey through rural and wonderful Sicily to discover the natural rhythms and simple and genuine flavours.


The small farms in organic conversion extend for about 10 hectares north-east of the coast of Agrigento, in the territory of Racalmuto. Letting themselves be lulled by the slow progress of the seasons, the Lands are coloured in every moment of the year with different light, offering their natural nourishment also to citrus fruits, almonds, pomegranates and prickly pears, as well as to other small genuine delicacies sown, cultivated and harvested with love and patience.


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