Leggero - Tuscany - Light intensity

Leggero - Tuscany - Light intensity

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PRUNETI - Light (Leggero) Bottles

Tuscany | Light | Blend


Leggero belongs to a line of products that is characterized by a very simple, yet stylish and elegant look. featuring a delicate white and silver label, this oil is thought for delicate flavour lovers: taste and perfume of the olive oil need to improve and highlight the flavour of a delicate dish without covering it. ideal for the experts and for the consumers that are approaching the vast world of olive oils, a great product for an international cuisine where quality of the ingredients is a key element.

Tasting Notes: 

Aroma: medium/light-fruity oil, balanced in the perception of both bitter and spicy; characterized by notes of fresh grass and sweet vegetables. The bouquet starts with

notes of fresh grass, parsley and sage. we can also smell sweet sensations such as lettuce, basil and fennel.

Flavour: in the mouth fresh grass is enveloping but fennel, lettuce, basil and pine nuts are predominant. At the end we find sage and a little spicy note characterized by white pepper.

Best Pairings: Fish, Vegetables, White meat.

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