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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the new luxury trend, and we at Food All Lab have developed a format that is revolutionizing the world of healthy food, WOOP EVO. An immersive experience that will lead customers to discover a new world, unique and luxurious in different formulas and "recipes".


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Mum and serial Entrepreneur, Creative, Energetic and Open minded. Since I’ve started 25 years ago, working when nothing was digital for major international advertising and pr agencies, I was extremely lucky for being personally and deeply involved in the big revolution that moved the communication market from the analogic to the digital era. I developed Export Strategies, Open Innovation and Industry 4.0 plans managing a team of digital and international sales marketing and retail experts. I keep tutoring several digital start-ups while teaching strategic and digital marketing and writing a couple of books and articles for magazines on trends and entrepreneurship. Consultant for the growth of Made in Italy on foreign markets, international marketing expert, fun of innovation as a mission for progress, community creator by vocation. Curious globetrotter and creator of content, convinced that food can be a joy but also the greatest challenge for a sustainable world. Mother and tireless explorer of cultures. Since September 2018 I have been partner of Woop srl and with Alessandro Corti we carry the best of Italian food all around the world with a disruptive approach. We launch Food All Lab Ltd and WOOP Evo format in London in late 2019 with our wonderful team.


Alessandro is a curious individual, dynamic and adventurer. He has a strong passion and attitude for cooking and food, for regional and street food, for quality, history and tradition. He holds a M.Sc. in Management Engineering, that gave him the opportunity to face innovative and challenging projects at 360°, mostly in technology, food, agriculture and digital innovation. He co-founded and built WOOP food in 2015, the first crowdfunding platform for Italian Agriculture and Food projects, he co-founded WOOP Lab in 2018, unique services for Export and Digital sales worldwide, he co-founded Food All Lab Ltd and now disrupting the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector with WOOP Evo. Young and experienced entrepreneur, Alessandro dives in head first and on execution. While strategy and project design come natural to him, he always did whatever the project calls for, even if that means leaving his comfort zone. He poured himself into his work, but was never precious with his ideas. Instead, he is constantly asking, iterating and searching for a better way. He embrace the idea of living in beta and became a sponge, absorbing all the information, experiences, innovations and visions he can.

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Professional agricultural entrepreneur of 4th generation in the olive-growing and nursery sector, technical and expert in the olive-growing sector for the quality of the extra virgin olive oil and for the company marketing strategies on the trade of certified extra virgin olive oil. Winner of the OSCAR GREEN NAZIONALE COLDIRETTI 2015 award. Pietro is a professional Evo taster and sommelier, he developed a long and wide experience and knowledge among the Italian 500 Monocultivar . He consult for Evo Oil producers all over the World, understanding the best conditions, the best varieties and the best quality result.


Lawyer in Italy, transplanted to London for the family.
Born in Gallipoli but raised in Parma, "I am sure that the contamination of tastes is the best example of a cultural contamination."
Always a supporter of the strong and unique values of Made in Italy, I believe that food is related to our well-being and health. My study of jurisprudence allows me to be analytical but also to be able to see things from different points of view in the application of the rules in order to always achieve the goal. In simplicity there is often high quality.

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How probably is typical for most Italian people, I always had a passion for the artisanal and high quality products and curious about their production methods and producers stories. In 2020 the challenge is to export and promote in a different cookery reality these excellences that start to be known. That's why after I worked for several years in a food business in Italy, like Sales Agent, taking care of brand corners in third party retailers for a well-known company. I then choose to move in UK to find out more about the export opportunity, and I decided actively to replicate my network and sales skills.
Work as a Sales representative for Woop played an essential role in this game, because they give me the possibility to know and improve my knowledge about the Italian best healthy products and how interesting and complex the export world is.
With Woop we have the mission to select the best Italian excellences because we are convinced that the good health passes through good food. We are what we eat is our motto, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our King.


Champion, swimmer, Project Manager, Dentist and with a great passion for beauty and quality.

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For three years now I have discovered my passion for wine & food and the world around them. I am young and very curious, I started to study in this field discovering day after day how a simple curiosity can become a real passion. From simple interest to passion from curiosity to the study of food and wine sciences. I believe that the future will be a different way of thinking about what we eat according to how it is produced. My role at Woop Evo is to coordinate logistics and quality testing on Rome.


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In art Chef Sandrino, is born in Piedmont but has lived and worked in London for years. Here he has cooked for guests such as Lady Gaga, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Rihanna, but also for Queen Elizabeth II in Ascot. Born in 1988, experiences in starred restaurants and luxury catering. He has worked with chefs from all over the world and travels all over the world, which combined with his ability to experiment and observe makes him unique. Alessandro also managed to win over super critical blogger Fiona Maclean by cooking for her guests in her home. He did so by putting his heart into it and thinking of the love of cooking he inherited from his grandmother.
The extra virgin olive oil is for him a skilful partner, it enhances the flavours and love for exceptional things.


Founder of London International Pizza School, and winner of UK’s Pizza Chef of the Year at the PAPA Awards in 2017. Italian born and bred, Marco has won many competitions for his pizza making (such as the World Pizza Championships, Pizze de Oscar, The Best World Championships, Tuscany Pizza Championships, International Trofeo del Buongusto, International 2 Mari, and many more!) and also for his acrobatic technique. Marco with his MFP Consultancy Company has now helped many businesses, big and small, to fully utilise the space that they have for their kitchen. “I provide bespoke pizza dough recipes and sourdough starters to these companies to aid them in creating their perfect pizza restaurant. I also hire staff, help with training and work out the financial runnings, aided along the way by basic marketing and a passion for pizza.” Marco knows well the secrets of the dough, a very delicate mix, where each ingredient is transformed into something very good or it can ruin the final effect. “Extra Virgin Olive Oil is essential for a perfect dough, and also in the finishing and topping of an excellent pizza. Taste, fragrance and high digestible, they all depends from the quality of the ingredients”

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Avisceral attraction for cooking since I was a child and a constant search for good and healthy food has accompanied me towards the choice of this job and since 2009 I started my career as a private chef. I attended the Gambero Rosso Schools and I have to my credit over 3500 hours of live TV cooking shows. I'm specialized in food and Evo oil pairings and I am also a professional Evo taster.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all its scents, flavours and stories inspires my dishes, enhances them and makes them special.
I love my job because it allows me to grow, learn with curiosity and passion. The secret of my success lies in being in love with what I do and my insatiable desire to continue learning always accompanies me.


Owner and Chef of The Cardinal restaurant that combines the
Traditional Sicilian cuisine with more contemporary Italian cuisine. Reference point in London for those who want to travel in the flavours of taste. A fantastic heritage in the calm and fancy Kingston upon Thames, with fantastic open air space. Peppe is a finger food Sicilian Street food expert, able to offer an authentic experiences, that bring the guest in a gastronomical travel around the little street of the most famous Sicilian cities and village, then you will taste fantastic Pizzas and amazing traditional and innovative dishes.

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She is the only female chef with celiac disease in Italy dedicated to haute cuisine who started cooking totally and naturally gluten-free over 16 years ago.
Her cooking is the result of a long journey - which is not yet finished - that started in the family restaurant, in Vasto in Abruzzo, where she learned the love for the culinary art. At the age of 18 she took her first steps in the kitchen and her idea of cooking was based on the traditions and flavours of her region, but an unexpected event like celiac disease put the whole world she knew in crisis.
As stubborn as I was, I took the challenge and started a journey from South East Asia, to Latin America, passing through the Mediterranean, looking for new aromas, flavours and experimenting with naturally gluten-free cereals and pseudo-grain, developing his Healthy Gourmet Kitchen inclusive!
What at first glance seemed to be a condemnation, was a great opportunity!
Currently based in London as a chef and consultant for the catering industry, she shares her experience with Italy where she writes for magazines, publishes books, the second is I Love Gluten Free (Cairo publisher), gives lectures, cooking shows, training courses for healthy chefs and collaborations with nutritionists.
Specialized in the fermentation of naturally gluten-free bread and vegetables.
Product research, exploration of other crops together with the use of innovative techniques and sustainability are essential for its freedom.
She has never given up the pleasures of the table by proposing her philosophy of life in her own kitchen: her food is special because it is also gluten-free.
To cook and eat consciously is an act of love towards oneself and others.


Ihave had an obsession with sweet things since a very early age, and this led me to start my career as a professional pastry chef over 10 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since!

Currently I live & work in London, focusing on working as a pastry consultant & recipe development chef. I work exclusively with businesses that value beautiful & creative desserts that are exciting & delicious. I have traveled extensively though Asia and I love recreating the many traditional desserts I discovered, but love to add my own twist on them by applying modern techniques & flavour combinations that I’ve become known for.

In addition to my more modern desserts & flavour combinations, I love to create Vegan/Raw desserts that are not only healthy but taste absolutely delicious.

Working with quality ingredients is fundamental to my work and I’m excited to be able to use Woop Evo’s Extra virgin Olive oil as part of creating delicious & memorable desserts.

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The history behind WOOP EVO

From the experience and passion of Alessandro and Selena, Italian entrepreneurs who have always been committed to promoting Made in Italy abroad, WOOP Evo was born. The world of Premium Italian extra virgin olive oil is a priceless heritage for variety, quality and taste. The extra virgin olive oil is essential for the health and for the taste of our dishes. There is not just one Evo, but hundreds of different varieties of olive trees in Italy and hundreds of possible combinations. Oil is good for everyone! It must become a daily habit, healthy but also fun to share with friends and family. WOOP Evo is the best selection of high quality Italian Evo made by a team of expert and technicians that every season identifies and chooses the best by Region, but also unique food Experiences, Professional Courses, Agri-Luxury Travels. WOOP Evo is also a network of real and passionated Ambassadors in the World of high quality food. Discover who we are.


@CANOPY MARKET, King's Cross London

Our WOOP Evo Bar is open every weekend. We offer a wide Selection of our Evo Oils, but only online you can find them all. Come to visit us, you can also book a special experience, find more in the section. Contact us to book


The Place to be. Here you can feel in a real Sicilian Bistrot, the best place where to taste the best Sicilian cuisine, in a combination of high quality and innovation from finger food portions of the traditional Sicilian Street food, to amazing Pizzas and a great selection of unique dishes, all paired with a specific Evo Oil. You will also find a wide Selection of our Evo Oils and order a special Evo Tasting. Contact us to book


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