Miglioretti Agricola

Healthy Piemonte



Country/Region Italy/Piedmont
Certifications Natural Agriculture
Products Pasta sauces, Fruit Juices


Agricola Miglioretti is a farm that has always been located in the hills of Turin, the Miglioretti Valley, which with its 15 hectares of arable land has been home to the family of farmers from which it takes its name since 1929.
In the fields of our farm there are several centuries-old fruit trees, vineyards and greenhouses for the cultivation of vegetables, all designed to enhance the natural cycles, cut down the use of pesticides and herbicides for a production of the highest quality and authentic taste.

From Earth to Man

Emanuele Miglioretti grows up in Pino, in the hills of Turin. A degree in architecture and a five-year experience abroad between Canada and Australia, which was instrumental in re-evaluating his origins and his land.
In 2015 he made a profound change in his life and decided to leave the profession of architect to rediscover his origins and follow his innate passion for taste and the rediscovery of ancient flavours.

Thus begins the great adventure that sees him as the protagonist in the return to the land and its roots. He obtains his sommelier's diploma and is totally committed to the creation of his farm. He became an agricultural entrepreneur and built on the land of 'Valle Miglioretti', inherited at the age of thirty from his grandparents and uncles, who had always been farmers.

Emanuele Miglioretti - FARMER, ENTREPRENEUR

A Family Story

A family history since 1929. Authentic flavours, true local excellence, born with the desire to re-evaluate the tastes of that time when food was natural, genuine, healthy and fragrant, evoked with the utmost respect for the land, for the quality of life and for generations to come.

The search for taste, respect for nature and health become Emanuele's true focus. He starts a careful selection of products to be used for integrated pest management treatments.

He bans the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides to minimize the impact on the environment and personal well-being. Above all, it chooses to carry out the selected harvesting of only ripe fruit to ensure the fragrance of the fruit at the peak of its essence. Finally, in order to carry out the transformation of the products, he dedicates himself to a careful selection of processing laboratories, based on the same philosophy of 100% natural, which can guarantee the genuineness of the product.



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